Founded January 1st, 2013, Citii, the Citizens’ Institute is a public think tank dedicated to fostering an active and aware citizenship through delivering tools and programs which empower the many communities which make up our world.

Every year, each chapter hosts town halls and focus groups to determine the needs of their city and members then vote to decide what their local chapter will tackle. Our approach is to:

  • Investigate the problem (film projects, reports, and consulting)
  • Increase local awareness (art projects, film projects, and eventing)
  • Support local leaders in the field (coalition building, consulting, and networking)
  • Launch standalone initiatives to address the issue long-term (incubation, investment, and software development)

At the end of the year, we document our efforts to ensure other chapters and future projects may benefit from our learnings.

While we’re always focused on bettering our local community, a shifting focus on issue ensures we’re always evolving, meeting new people, and picking up new skills.

With over 5000 new charities popping up every year in Canada alone, we believe it’s important to challenge the non-profit sector with a strong focus on collaboration, transparency, and a demand for measurable results.


Every single person matters. It’s never been easier for an individual to realize their potential and make a difference. Whether it be through educational websites like Khan Academy to crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, individuals have never held so much potential and never had such capacity for collaboration. We believe it’s time to leverage the tools our modern age provides to start bettering our communities and uniting for the common good.

We provide our members with: exciting projects to make a difference and build your resume, networking opportunities with passionate people, written references and letters of participation, full access to our offices and leadership team, a volunteer handbook and other documentation.

We film documentaries, research and write reports, host events and workshops, and develop software, all around one cause, which is elected at the beginning of the year by each city’s local chapter.

For a more detailed list of our activities and goals, please see our Vision and Values brochure.

No. Citii chapters may not charge a membership fee and if you experience otherwise, please contact us via

Additionally, all chapters must fully disclose their income and expenses through their wiki page.
Review Citii Vancouver’s budget.